You Miss the Race Hate Hoaxes Yet? St Louis County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan Caught on Camera

St. Louis County Commissioner Sam Page decided to issue a mask mandate, over concerns about the prevalence of the Delta variant. The mandate ended the next day. Why did this happen so quickly? It was overturned by a vote of 5-2. This should have been the end of the story but as you can already presume, it was not.

St. Louis County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan went to the meeting and testified in favor of the ridiculous mandate that Page set forth. The meeting got very heated and things were so contentious, some bizarre accusations ended up being made. Dr. Khan is now claiming that he was shoved and that he was also the target of racial slurs.

The fake news media loves a good racism and they were not even willing to vet this before running with it as fact. The sensationalist take on the meeting grew legs almost immediately. Dr. Khan was in favor of the mask mandate and that’s why they are going to continue to support him.

Facts do not care about your feelings but this is a lesson that the liberals have yet to grasp. All they do is look at complicated scenarios and decide on the outcome that they like most. There’s no fact-finding taking place at all. MSNBC made sure to open their doors and let Dr. Khan tell his story, without any real pushback.

“The County Council should investigate the allegations from Mr. Kahn. If evidence of what he claims is found then it should be addressed. Surely this is all on tape. If there is no evidence of what he said, then Mr. Kahn should be dealt with in an appropriate manner. What city in America wants a Health Director who lies?” said Joe Hoft last week.

We could not agree more. This man was accosted and belittled in the middle of a meeting of this magnitude but all we have to go on is his word? By that logic, anyone who isn’t getting their way can just claim that they were assaulted and it all goes away. St. Louis County has decided to put a swift halt to this narrative.

They have released video of this incident and as you will soon be able to tell, Dr. Khan is lying. St. Louis County deserves a health director that is not going to lie about something of this magnitude. The video shows that Dr. Khan was not shoved and there were no racial slurs directed at him. This is the type of lie that we can always see through but the mainstream media tries their best to carry the water for the fibbers.

To make matters even worse, Dr. Khan is the one who was instigating the confrontation. The video does not paint his actions that day in a very positive light. He is the man who you see in the video flipping the bird to the crowd. This does not jibe with the story that he told at all.

State Representative Dottie Bailey is now doing what is right, by calling on the “good doctor” to resign. No one should be willing to be represented by someone who would lie this blatantly? We’ll leave you with Bailey’s very timely Facebook post:

“In light of the irrefutable video evidence demonstrating that statements made by Health Official Khan were demonstrably false, I ask him to immediately resign.

To distract from his indefensible and contradictory positions on the County’s handling of COVID policy, Dr. Khan stated that upon immediately leaving the chamber he was surrounded by a rough mob and called multiple racial epitaphs. A clear video of Dr. Khan exiting the chamber demonstrates that this is false. Not only is his demonstrative lack of credibility unworthy of a position that should be an apolitical bastion of trust, but the lies are of the worst most damaging kind. Racism is among the ugliest of human failures.

False claims of racism diminish the weight of real claims and weaken the advocacy and voice of authentic victims. Additionally, with tensions among the highest in our history, stoking the burners of division with fallacious claims of violent racist acts only further divides our metro area and state. Dr. Khan has been caught doing just this to put false animosity with those who simply exercise their rights as citizens and disagree with him. He has no place in our government.”